The National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) facilitates and promotes the use of modern methods for parallel processing. The most prominent Bulgarian scientists in this field from several Universities and Institutes of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences participate in workgroups and perform research, application development and support in close co-operation with Bulgarian National Supercomputing Center’s team.

Applications of supercomputers to science, industry, medicine, finance, natural disasters risks evaluation, environmental protection, etc. and particularly, in designing of nanomaterials, novel functional materials in electronic industry, medicine and pharmacy, ecology, molecular biology are supported.

Most of the efforts NCSA team are to bridge the scientific and industrial perspectives by providing a forum for exchange of different views and opinions and an attempt to answers questions, such as why High Performance Computing (HPC) needs to be invested in and how HPC can bring visible and tangible influence to peoples’ lives and competitiveness to industrial companies.