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Project "PRACE" - Mission, Resources and Results

Last Updated: Thursday, 26 January 2017

These few sentences, taken from the PRACE official web-page, http://www.prace-ri.eu/PRACE-in-a-few-words should suffice to give you an overview of the goals, set before this consortium of 25 countries, as well as the means, committed to their achievement.

PRACE is established as an international not-for-profit association (AISBL) with seat in Brussels. It has 25 member countries whose representative or Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Norway, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK. They are joined to create a pan-European supercomputing infrastructure, providing access to computing and data management resources and services for large-scale scientific and engineering applications at the highest performance level. To find out more about the PRACE organisation go here.

The computer systems and their operations accessible through PRACE are provided by 4 PRACE members (BSC representing Spain, CINECA representing Italy, GCS representing Germany and GENCI representing France) who committed a total funding of €400 million for the initial PRACE systems and operations. In pace with the needs of the scientific communities and technical developments, systems deployed by PRACE are continuously updated and upgraded to be at the apex of HPC technology. To find out more about these systems, go here.

The PRACE project partners receive EC funding under the PRACE Preparatory and Implementation Phase Projects (PRACE-1IP, 2010-2012, RI-261557, PRACE-2IP, 2011-2013, RI-283493, PRACE-3IP, 2012-2014, RI-312763) for a total of €67 million complemented by the consortium budget of over €43 million. All information about the PRACE projects is published here.

In the presentation “PRACE - Supercomputers, Software and Applications”, prepared by prof. Markov, you will find:
- a description of the most powerful Tier-0 supercomputers that have already been put into operation in the PRACE member states - JUQUEEN, HERMIT, SuperMUC Petascale System, CURIE, FERMI, Mare Nostrum 3;
- a description of the applied software, installed on the Bulgarian supercomputer Blue Gene/P GROMACS 6,NAND 2.9, LAMMPS 2012, CPMD 3.15,CP2K 2.4, NWChem 6.1,Quantum Espresso, DL-POLY4, GAMESS 2013, DALTON, DOCK6.4, Rosetta 3, SPECFEM3D, Code Saturne 3.0, Aster, OpenFOAM, ELMER;
- the results of supercomputing applications, obtained within the projects PRACE 1IP and PRACE 2IP in the following fields:

  • molecular modeling, molecular dynamics, docking and scoring;
  • high performance drug discovery;
  • medicine;
  • Supercomputing and modeling for the Human Brain – part of Human Brain Project;
  • DNS and LES computations of the transitional flow around the Airbus 320 and Eppler E387 airfoil, Simulation of airflow around body and eddy flow around helicopter airscrew;
  • Ship hydro dynamics simulations and high performance design of the ship;
  • CFD simulation of the Pelton hydro turbine;
  • Design and investigation of the nanostructure and their quantum mechanics simulations;
  • Flow simulation among fuel assemblies of the advanced nuclear reactor;
  • Simulations of gas turbine combustion process and flame front propagation;
  • Risk situation and natural disaster simulations and risk management;
  • Sophisticated and realistic models of the evolution of the Universe and Dark Matter evolution.

The prof. Markov presentation „PRACE - Supercomputers, Software and Applications” has been uploaded here.

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